About FilingStore.com

FilingStore.Com is the e-commerce division of Professional Filing Systems, Inc.

Active since 1998 it is one of the first e-commerce sites offering a wide range of filing system equipment and supplies. Orders can be placed 24/7 online. We take all major credit cards and written purchase orders.

Our customers are a worldwide base of Doctors, Dentist, Accounts, Lawyers, Banks, Credit Unions Health Clinics, Hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, all Department of Defense agencies, Homeland Security, Local, State, and Federal Government agencies.

Our suppliers have been selected based on product quality, competitive pricing, shipping times, and customer support. We are constantly looking for new, innovative, products and solutions to add to our product offerings.

If you are purchasing filing supplies or need help in setting up a complete filing system our customer service representatives will help you choose the products or mix of products you need to solve any problem you have.

If you are looking for solutions that involve high density filing systems, vertical carousels, electric or mechanical mobile shelving, file room design, floor space design, material handling systems or you just don't know what will work best for you, call us. We can help.

For large scale systems, filingstore.com has consulting services available. Please call for information.

For more information about our products and service please call me, Ron Cox, @ 210-646-9067. I will answer the phone personally, if I am unavailable, I do return all calls.

Ron Cox
Professional Filing Systems, Inc. - Established 1985
FilingStore.Com - Established 1998
Direct Number: 210-646-9067
Email: roncox@filingsystems.com

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