Indexing Methods

The most important part of any filing system is the Indexing System, i.e. Color Coded End Tab Filing System. The most popular and effective Indexing Systems are listed below.

Alphabetical Filing

AlphaAlphabetical Filing is the easiest system to maintain, as it requires no cross-reference file for identification. This Indexing System can be designed to classify files by the first few letters of a company or client name or project. Common names can be further classified by adding a label for a first initial which helps to break up large name groupings into easily identifiable sections. Click Here to see our selection of Alphabetic Color Coded Labeling Systems. Note: Numeric Color Coded Filing Systems should be considered when the number of folders is in the 7,000 to 10,000 range.

Straight Numeric Filing

NumericStraight Numeric Filing is best for indexing very large systems because several digits can be color-coded, and there is little confusion on where a number falls in a sequence. A cross-reference file is necessary, but businesses with a high volume of records should already use a numbering system to identify accounts. Straight Numeric Filing also helps to ensure privacy and minimizes the training necessary to use the system correctly. Click Here to see our selection of Numeric Color Coded Labeling Systems. Note: Straight Numeric Filing Systems are best used in filing systems where the number of folders is in the 10,000 to 15,000 range. Straight Numeric Filing Systems can require that the user go through a "back shifting" of all the folders. This typically happens when the user needs to create filing space by removing one or more years of file folders.

Alpha-Numeric Filing

Alpha NumericAlpha-Numeric Filing is one of the most popular Indexing Systems because of how accurately it identifies folder contents. This system goes beyond the simplicity of Alphabetic Filing and provides an added dimension for filing, presorting, and retrieval. For example, a medical office could label patient files with the first two letters of the last name, and the last four digits of the social security number. This would organize the charts in an easy to follow order while keeping them identifiable and secure. To see our selections of Alphabetic Color Coded Labeling Systems, Click Here.

Terminal Digit Filing

TerminalAlso called "End Digit Filing", Terminal Digit Filing is most commonly used in large filing systems, especially in hospitals, insurance companies, government personnel offices, and financial institutions. Terminal Digit Filing is achieved by grouping all files ending in the same two digits into one section. This forms 100 distinct filing groups (00 99). This end tabbed color coding system works best with filing systems where there are 10,000 folders or more. Many end-tabbed color coded systems will have up to 100,000 folders or more. This Index System distributes new files throughout the system; reducing congestion and eliminating the need for constant back-shifting of folders as older file are retired. Click Here to see our Terminal Digit Color Coded Labeling System.

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