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Untitled Document Records Management and Bar Code Tracking Software will increase the efficiency of an organization's filing environment by eliminating lost and misfiled files, decreasing retrieval and re-filing time, and by automating the file requesting and delivery process. RMS software is intuitively easy to use and setup. It offers a very cost effective solution that can be easily upgraded to a full enterprise or web based system in the future. This solution is very easy to install and configure out of the box and the installation comes with six pre-configured indexing schemes that include banking, medical, insurance, legal, human resources and box archives. Users can easily modify any of the pre-configured indexing schemes to match their own environment.

Features and Functionality

User Configurable— Users can configure any number of indexing data entry screens to track any type of files, boxes, or documents.
User definable data entry rules can also be set and fields can be linked to user definable selection tables for consistent data entry.
Label Printing— OPUS Lite comes with its own WYSIWYG file and box label designer which generates any type of black and white label. OPUS Lite also integrates with most of the 3rd party color labels systems on the market today, such as Tab Quik, ColorBar, and Labels Anywhere.
Circulation Management— To assure proper control and security, OPUS Lite tracks the movement of all files, boxes and documents utilizing barcode technology. OPUS Lite interfaces with several different types of barcode readers, including Windows CE portable devices.
Archive Center Records Management - In addition to file room management, OPUS Lite has inherited the complete functionality to manage your record center. This includes shelf mapping, space management and scan to shelf tracking.
Retention Management— User definable retention schedules can be defined and linked to boxes and files (or any type of item that is tracked). Reports and queries can then be generated to track items that are eligible for destruction.
Image Tracking— Along with hard copy files and boxes, OPUS Lite can also track your electronic items via its own image viewer or link to other viewers.
Security— User definable profiles allow for turning on and off security permissions. This prevents the file room user from performing administrative functions or possibly deleting items.
Reporting— Users can define as many ad hoc reports has they wish. Each report allows for multiple levels of grouping and any number of detail fields and will run off of any item query. OPUS Lite also includes numerous pre-defined reports for inventory and circulation related reports.